Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday we arrived to London. After checking into our hotel in Victoria, we picked up theater tickets from Lisa's wonderful friend Joe at the Dorchester. Almost immediately from there we headed to the theater to see the musical "We Will Rock You". It was amazing and we truly appreciate the tickets (thanks David!).

Today we did a full day tour. First stop was Windsor Castle, which was very neat. Turns out we took the tour just in time because after we left they cleared castle because of Irish bomb threats. We have no idea  if it is "big" news in the states but the Queen is visiting Ireland this week. We dodged that bullet too because we left Ireland the day before she arrived. They closed the streets off 3 full days before she arrived. Also, if you saw the news today, she laid a wreath at the monument for Irish soldiers who died in their fight for independence. Our hotel was less than one block from that monument. It was interesting to see all that in our first visit to isles. After Windsor we went to Bath, which is a very interesting town with an amazing history. Last stop of the day: Stonehenge. One of those natural wonders of the world that everyone knows about. It was very cool to lay eyes on it. We'll try and get some pictures up tomorrow.

Blocking off streets for the Queen's visit

Our nicest hotel yet!!
 1st night in London at the theater
 We loved "We will Rock you"


Windsor Castle



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  1. Can't wait for the photos. How cool that the queen was following in your footsteps. Good thing you did escape all of her accompanying drama and events. Miss you. Enjoy your final days.see you soon. You 2 have certainly had an amazing experience.