Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hello everyone! We arrived in Scotland yesterday. After checking into our "hotel" (it is actually the University of Edinburgh's "commercial housing" - it's a dorm) we found out that the Internet that we paid for did not actually work. After getting our money back and searching endlessly for an Internet cafe we realized every non-restaurant or pub closes at 5 or 5:30pm.

So tonight we are writing this at an internet BAR, no seriously. We were smart this time and brought the iPad with us. Although since the iPad doesn't have Flash, that means no photos until we find a PC. No worries we will find one tomorrow because there are so many Internet cafe's around us.

Today we woke up very early to join a group of 16 other tourists on a full day trip (8am-8pm). We went north through Glencoe and the Highlands. We also went to the famous Loch Ness in hopes at getting a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster!! To put it briefly, this area of Scotland is absolutely beautiful! Green, mountainous, and full of sheep! There were gorgeous small towns that seemed very typical of what you would imagine to be in Scotland. Although it rained a lot and we have decided Scotland has the strangest weather we have ever encountered. It would be hailing one second then sunny a few minutes later.

Sorry, no pics today. Stay tuned, you'll want to see these! Ciao for now.

- Chris and Jena

PS- Stephanie and Matt: we miss you guys, the trip is not the same without you guys. (meet us in Ireland or London!)


our "hotel" room

walking around Edinburgh

dinner on George St.


Off on our day trip of Northern Scotland

Loch Ness

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