Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our last (full) day...

Today we got up early and headed to Westminster and did some site seeing. Once we got off the tube we walked by Parliament, Downing Street, Big Ben, etc. We then waited in a long line to buy tickets for the London Eye. It's a huge ferris wheel viewing ride. Each "eye" is a glass encapsulated area that holds like 10-15 people and it goes around once and you can see ALL of London, it was well worth it. However, we got stuck on the thing! We were almost at the finish of the ride when the whole thing stopped and the air conditioning went off. We basically stood in the same place for 30 minutes with no explanation of what was wrong. That made us mad, but once we were finished with our turn they stopped letting people on the ride so we have to be grateful that we got to experience those amazing views. We have great pictures and can't wait to show you! After the Eye we saw some more sights including the London Bridge and the Gherkin. The Gherkin is that bullet or cone shaped building that shapes the London skyline. Amazing architecture. Finally, we met up with Jena's friends Craig and his husband Brian. Craig works for Burberry and he gave us a tour of the company's world headquarters, which was very cool. After the tour they took us out for a nice dinner at a great restaurant in Pimlico, thanks again Craig and Brian! Tonight is our last night and while we are sad to be leaving we feel so lucky that we had the opportunity to visit all these great countries and see all that we have seen. Check back again later because when we get home and finally have a good computer and a good internet connection we will be able to post the rest of our great photos.

 On the London Eye

 London Bridge
 The Gherkin

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